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“We at Cherry Hill Farms have used sulfur burners for the past 20 years. We switched to the Sweetwater sulfur burner three years ago and we have found it to be much easier to manage. The Sweetwater 10 series has been a very good replacement for the older sulfur burners we were operating. One nice feature of the Sweetwater sulfur burners is that no electricity is required to operate and manage it if you have enough gravity pressure.”
Curtis Rowley

Cherry Hills Farms

“I have been irrigating for over 40 years using water with an average pH of 7.6. Consistent irrigation caused bicarbonates and salts to build up in the soil. Our cotton fields turned a bluish-gray color and yields were declining. In 2004, after start-up of the Sweetwater sulfur burning acid generator in mid-season, the cotton started to turn greener and healthier again and yields easily doubled after two or three years.

Last year we got 3 bales of cotton on 136 acres using 2-3 gpm per acre. On an adjacent 34 acre plot which didn’t have the Sweetwater sulfur burner, we used 5-6 gpm per acre and yielded only 2 bales an acre. In particular, I like to use the burner for pre-irrigation to aid seed germination and spoon feed sulfur to my cotton during early growth. I would recommend the Sweetwater sulfur burner to anyone growing cotton.”

Hubert Frerich

Cotton Farmer

The Sweetwater Sulfur burners have made a big change at our Capstone ranch in Mattawa.

The irrigation water that comes from the Columbia River in Washington State has high PH and bicarbonate levels. By using the Burners, I have successfully been able to bring those down to manageable thresholds.

Thanks to Tyson and the Sweetwater folks, OUR WATER IS WHERE WE NEED IT!!!

Brent Huck

Stemilt Ag Services, Capstone Ranch

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